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In “BRIART”, our commitment is to provide quality services, outperforming the expectations of our business associates in terms of time and customized attention. We consider ourselves a reliable, young and constantly growing company that seeks the attention of the Mexican talent and foreign investors that want to do business in Mexico, as a business ally due to the continuous changes of the country. The partners have more than 15 years of accumulated experience, providing the company with the robustness to face the challenges and new opportunities that arise in the course of its business. We are a company with values that promote personal and professional development of our team that will be reflected in the leadership of each member with our business associates.

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Consultores Internacionales del Bajío

It is a consulting company specialized in fiscal area, we have generated a permanent synergy and thus have provided high impact consultancy to the clients served.


A company committed to offering their customers personalized service through the constant update, turning into business partners for the decision making process.


We have been clients of Briart Consulting since 2014, when we started our company, we were looking for a company that would not only assist us with our accounting, but would also be able to provide solid and constructive corporate and administrative recommendations and Briart offers the complete.
Their professionalism, knowledge and integrity are only some of the reasons why I confide in them. We are completely satisfied with our relation and we hope it continues for many years to come