Services Sectors

The economy is currently very dynamic and consists of all types of production activities, all of them with one obvious aspect in common, increase the profitability, but each also with very particular aspects, challenges and needs. That is why we work to understand and accommodate all of the following sectors, always providing the exact service to increase your competitiveness.

By working as a team with you, we use our knowledge of each sector to help position you strategically on the market of our country or in any part of the world; thus helping you to overcome every challenge and threat that you may face.

Retail is an economic sector that encompasses the companies specialized in the massive commercialization of uniform products or services to a large quantity of clients, focused on the delivery of the products to the final consumer; therefore, it is possible to include all the shops or commercial venues habitually found in any urban center with direct sales to the public.

We know that this sector generates an amount of data that may seem overwhelming, which is why offer a service based on our knowledge in order to lighten the workload.

This sector is in charge of the processes related to the food chain, which includes the phases of transport, reception, storage, processing, conservation and the service of food for human and animal consumption. Currently, thanks to the science and technology, the advancement of this industry has increased on a large scale, and with it increased the surveillance of the hygiene and food laws of all the countries, in an effort to regulate and unify the processes and products.

That is why we help you to decrease the workload, providing you with a quality service and support in different legal proceedings and processes in order to maximize the time and resources and obtain a greater efficiency.

Over time, we have realized that the construction industry faces very big challenges; however, to the same extent, it also offers opportunities, and we help you take advantage of them in the correct manner and in the correct moment, such as in the form of associations between construction firms in order to grow, develop and have greater profitability.

Due to the constant change of our world, the energy and oil demand has increased considerably and has faced different challenges from exploration up to the refinement and treatment. That is why we help your company correctly comply with laws and regulations that are constantly changing, as well as to overcome the challenges and take advantage of the business opportunities; in the form of resource optimization, market growth, monitoring of regulatory changes and cost reduction.

The fiscal authorities have adopted a different approach, seeking a balance between obtaining revenue and development of the companies, which is why they have implemented different strategies and policies for the enforcement of the law. We help you to take advantage of the administrative facilities and fiscal benefits for this line of business, in order to increase your competitiveness, your value and to ensure correct compliance with all the laws and regulations.

  • Como lo es en materia de contabilidad (FAMILIAR, CIVIL, MERCANTIL, PENAL, FISCAL) para determinar y establecer una proyección financiera,
  • Peritajes en materia de contabilidad para determinar la existencia o no de un manejo de dinero adecuado o inadecuado,
  • Peritajes en materia de contabilidad para determinar y delimitar pérdidas del efectivo en un periodo determinado,
  • Peritajes en materia de contabilidad para determinar la correcta o incorrecta aplicación y uso de recursos económicos,
  • Peritajes en materia de contabilidad para determinar daño patrimonial sobre mal uso en resguardo de inventarios,
  • Peritajes en materia de contabilidad para determinar importes en un inapropiado cálculo y determinación de pago de impuestos,
  • Proyecciones y determinaciones en fluctuación cambiaria (Reconocimiento de utilidad o pérdida cambiaria realizada o por realizar),
  • Peritajes en materia de contabilidad para determinar estimaciones de valor futuro y valor presente,Auditorías contables, Financieras, Fiscales y de contribuciones de seguridad social,
  • Peritajes contables para detección de posibles fraudes, faltantes y/o anomalías, tanto en importes como en procedimientos internos de las empresas, peritajes en el área financiera, análisis y planeación en recomendación e implementación de SISTEMAS DE CONTROL INTERNO.

The real estate sector has been one of the most affected by the economic crisis that is affecting our country. Therefore, the impact that the new accounting legislation has on its financial statements becomes even more important for the purpose of interpreting it in the manner most adequate for entrepreneurial interests. Additionally, this sector present a very interesting characteristic from the accounting point of view, not only due to its activity but also due to being the obligatory reference for the study of long-term construction contracts in any context, including consulting.

The Maquiladora Industry emerges in Mexico in the year of 1964 after the suspension of the Temporary Agricultural Laborer (Bracero) Program, as part of the National Border Program with the objective of addressing a concrete need: provide permanent employment to the seasonal workers (braceros) that crossed the border in order to work in the agricultural fields of the US. Thus, the maquiladora industry became one of the most important areas within the manufacturing or processing companies, an area that requires greater attention for its evaluation and records in the accounting information such as inventories.

The automotive industry is one of the most important economic sectors in the world in terms of revenue and it is considered a strategic economic pillar in virtue of the different benefits brought by the generation of jobs on a large scale, fiscal collections derived from the commercial operations of the industry, personnel training, development of local suppliers and the related technological modernization.  

The commercial sector is one of the tertiary sectors of the national economy that encompasses the activities of purchase and sales of products and/or services. It is a fairly heterogeneous sector in terms of size, production levels and sales levels, among other indicators. All entrepreneurs should maintain ordered bookkeeping, suitable for the activity of the company, which would allow for a chronological monitoring of all their operations, as well as the periodic preparation of balances and inventories.

Our team in the Communication Media and Entertainment sector is in charge of offering leadership in all the fiscal disciplines, including corporate taxes, indirect taxes, international taxes, transactional taxes and fiscal topics related to the human capital, providing comprehensive support in the areas that comprise from the optimization of the supply chains and process improvements up to the bookkeeping and presentation of financial information.

Mining corresponds to the primary economic activity related to the extraction of elements and minerals that provide an economic benefit. Depending on the type of material to be extracted and the derived benefits, mining is divided in metallic and non-metallic. The mining activity is important for the development of the country, generating currencies, fiscal revenue and direct and indirect employment due to the multiplier effect that these have on other production activities, converting the production units that are generally located in different zones remote from the cities in development poles. The mining accounting is the technique of recording the financial administrative, exploration, exploitation, benefits and commercialization operations performed by a mining company in the exercise of its business line or activity.

There are new operation opportunities in the field of Foreign Trade. Importers can now designate a Foreign Trade Legal Representative (RLCE) to manage all their operations in the accounting area, where our professional team will make sure to provide you with the necessary counseling when required. Currently, we may observe how the countries interact in a globalized manner, importing and exporting goods, among others, pursuing interests such as improvement of the economy and therewith the standard of living of its citizens. Mexico is no exception in this globalized system.

Non-profit organizations emerge due to the need to cover certain needs of the society not covered by the state and other private entities. Thus appears what is known as the third sector, setting itself apart from the first sector which is the public sector and the second, private, sector. The main characteristic of the Non-Profit Organizations, as their name indicates is the absence of profit, they pursue general interest goals. Within these organizations, the benefit approximates zero, the success or failure is measured by the quantity of services provided, which is generally difficult to quantify and evaluate, as when a service is provided, it is difficult to be sure if the recourses are being used well or not.

Manufacturing is the activity of the secondary sector of the economy, also called industrial sector, manufacturing sector, or simply manufacture or industry. The field where the costs accounting has developed the most has been the industrial, that is to say, the field related to the manufacturing costs of the products in the manufacturing companies. We are therefore able to present in more detail the manner in which we can support the companies in this sector.

The tax-exempt donors are required to issue electronic invoice. For this, they may use the free government service for emission of electronic invoices offered by the SAT. Due to the excessive scrutiny that the authority is applying in the different taxpayer sectors, the fiscal reforms approved by the Congress of the Union for tax-exempt donors in 2017 are highly demanding since they increased the requirements to fulfill. It is important to receive the due appropriate counselling in order to reach your goal of supporting social causes to benefit your country.

The Accounting Management Technology offers an updated and pertinent training, aligned with the new accounting tendencies, with regard to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and with the changes in the fiscal area. This is why our team provides financial and accounting assistance and costs audit for the public and private sector.

With periodic character and presented through a series of documents denominated financial statements or annual statements. The approach results equally valid for a traditional view of the commerce or the processing industry, for the most modern views of the business with very complex corporate strategies and supported by an intensive globalization of the markets and powerful financial resources, as well as for products.

Precisely the modern forms, due to their greater complexity of partial objectives, require all the more the institutional reflection on costs formation, more than the one that would be required at the core of the traditional view and that would turn the approach almost obvious.